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With Over 100+ Projects Ideas in Innovation Category, Each will enhance & transform the Product Development Process. 

Research & Product Development

Development Engineering

We Offer End To End R&D And Design Support On Aerospace, AC Motor & Edtech Products.

With Trial Case studies, Demo sessions will be Provided by Experts in the Areas of Product Development, Design thinking & Innovation in the fields of Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical, Medical Equipments, Robotics & Edutech Products. 



Infinite Innovative Physics Labs Pvt. Ltd., Founded in the Year 2021, and Incorporated on 24th February 2022. IIPH LABS is focused on AC Motor Development, Aerospace Simulations (Using Open Source Softwares) Medical Equipments and Edutech Products.

We Have Following Expertise To Name Few

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Product Development

With Core team ranging from Minimum of 5 Years to Up to 50 Years of Experienced Resources work with us. We offer wide range of Product development strategies for your Ideas to convert into Product.

AC Motor Testing & Simultions

With IIPH LABS and Other Private companies we offer testing on AC motors, like Dynamic Testing, Testing Three-Phase Motors, Vibration analysis Etc

Mechanical & Aerospace Simulations

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Services, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services, Mechanical Simulation Services.

CAD/CAM Design

CAD Drawing, 3D modeling, Rendering Etc We are well acquainted with the practical challenges that arise when the 3D models are to be implemented in production. Hence Experts are Involved.

Product Documentation

We know Documentation requires lots of Time & Effort, we will do it with New agile process based Documentation which helps the team to deliver high-quality products and ensure client confidence, company credibility and successful product delivery.

Software Development

Mechanical Software with API, Customization of Software for Productivity and New Software development

Digital Solutions Boost Your Product Developments Process.

By Using Physics tools, You can develop your products from ideas to reality. CAD, CAE and Multiphysics are extensively used for this purposes.

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If You are Student , We have Internships for you!